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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

All children are different and while some may love coming to the dentist from their first visit others may be scared or get upset because they are in an unfamiliar situation. It is nothing to be alarmed or embarrassed about because we are all trained to help fearful and/or anxious children through their dental experience. Even for older children who have yet to visit the dentist we recommend that you discuss positive aspects of dentistry to encourage a mutual calm between you and your child. Anxiety is contagious therefore we advise you to set the example. Children typically don’t associate visits to the dentist with pain, so we encourage parents to refrain from telling your children that the dentist will not hurt to avoid any association with pain. Our aim is to explain our procedures in ways that your child can understand and help to decrease any fear and anxiety they may have. 

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Our Caring Team

Our team is trained to establish positive relationships between our dentist, staff, parents and patients. This goes a long way towards establishing trust and putting your child at ease. Upon arrival to our office we take several steps to help kids feel comfortable in our office. It may take some children extra time to warm up to dentistry, that’s ok and we will not rush them! We use tools like models and puppets to demonstrate and will work towards slowly desensitizing your child to the environment if needed. If you have any specific concern about your child’s visit we would love to talk to you about them ahead of time so please contact our office or email us at your convenience.