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White-colored Crowns

Why choose white crowns?

The team at Hamlin Pediatric Dentistry understands that having a positive self-image is an essential aspect of oral and overall health. Children who are more confident in their smiles often make friends easier, perform better in school, and have higher self-esteem. We are proud to offer tooth-colored crowns as a treatment option for our patients. These are made from a hard, durable material called zirconia, and are an aesthetic alternative to the traditional pediatric stainless steel crowns.

Why would my child need a dental crown?

Your child may need to have a dental crown or cap placed if they have large or deep cavities, enamel defects, or on teeth that have had nerve treatment. If your child is in need of a dental crown, then a zirconia crown may be right for them. Zirconia crowns are one of the best dental restorative options available, as they seamlessly blend in with your child’s other teeth and still have the strength needed to provide your child with a reliable long-lasting restoration.