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Routine Cleanings and Exams

Routine dental cleanings and exams are critical for your child’s oral health and the prevention of decay and disease. Your regular home care is also essential, but professional cleanings remove mineralized plaque that can form amid good brushing and flossing, particularly in difficult-to-reach areas. We recommend that your child come in for a cleaning and exam every six months, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. These preventative appointments usually last 30 minutes to an hour, and parents are welcome to return to the care area or sit in the lobby at any time. Many older children do well while their parents are absent, and they relish the ability to be self-sufficient. If our team believes your child is ready for this exciting achievement, they will notify you. 

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Cleaning & Fluoride

Your child’s teeth will be brushed and scaled after the consultation to clear plaque and tartar from the tooth surfaces. He or she will be able to choose a nice toothpaste flavor, such as cookie dough or bubble gum, and will be able to enjoy a kid-friendly movie overhead.

In addition to the brushing, your child will receive a fluoride treatment to help keep their teeth healthy.

Digital X-rays

During their cleaning appointments, dental x-rays may be taken if required to search for cavities between their teeth, survey erupting teeth, diagnose bone disease, assess the results of an injury, or schedule orthodontic care.

Our x-ray equipment is all digital and emits much less radiation than conventional dental x-rays. Your child will also wear a lead body apron and a thyroid collar during the procedure for added protection. If you have any questions about your child’s x-rays, please discuss them with our team.


The final step in your child’s regular cleaning is an inspection with our Doctor. This involves checking any x-rays that have been taken, visually inspecting your child’s mouth for problems, and discussing homecare routines as well as any concerns you may have. If your child has decay or other conditions that need care, the dentist will discuss them with you and schedule an appointment for treatment.


No trip to the dentist is complete without a prize! Your child will be able to choose a special award for successfully completing the appointment!